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Specialist civil engineering/Rock engineering

Both deep and secure.

Special civil engineering is a task for true specialists with strong accountability. Precisely coordinated procedures for foundations, underground sealing, and securing rock, slopes, and buildings must take into account the respective soil conditions as well as the intended use. With experienced teams PORR satisfies particularly high requirements for reliability and versatility.

Rock engineering

PORR has been professionally developing and continuously expanding its rock technology for years. There are no barriers in the way of our highly trained and experienced specialists, the so-called Fels-Team. They secure, often suspended by their harnesses, in any situation and whatever the subsoil.


Your contacts for specialist civil engineering.

Robert Fortunati Managing director
Edwin Gisler Project manager, Central Switzerland area
Heinz Steinegger Project manager, Zurich area
Christoph Poletti Project manager, Central Switzerland
Alfredo de Lauzières Manager, operation area/warehouse


Selected projects from the field of specialist civil engineering.

Specialist civil engineering projects in Switzerland often involve working in and around rock. Our teams complete projects even at lofty heights.