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A construction company with history.

PORR AG was founded in Vienna in 1869 as an incorporated company named “Allgemeine Österreichische Baugesellschaft” (“Austrian Universal Construction Company”). Since that time, shares in the company have been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange.  

At the beginning of the 20th century, discoveries made by civil engineer Arthur Porr led to a significant breakthrough in concrete construction, and technological leadership was secured in 1927 by an merger with Porr's company to form “Allgemeinen Baugesellschaft – A. Porr Aktiengesellschaft” (“Universal Construction Company - A. Porr Incorporated”).

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Entry to the Swiss market.

Entry to the Swiss construction market began in the early 1970s in the civil engineering field, with the involvement of the Walker & Söhne AG construction company of Altdorf which was then renamed “Walker-Porr AG“. Later on, PORR acquired all shares in the company.

Portfolio expansion.

In the year 2000, the company began to operate under the name of PORR SUISSE AG. Soon after entering the market, the company established a foothold in the tunnelling sector by participating in the execution of several notable NRLA trans-alpine tunnel projects.

First building construction project.

In 2001, PORR opened a branch office in Zurich and executed its first building construction project as a design-build contractor in Switzerland. Since 2010, the design-build contracting services have been expanded and intensified. 

Established in all construction sectors.

Today, PORR SUISSE AG is well-established in the Swiss market in the sectors of civil engineering, tunnelling and infrastructure construction as well as in design-build contracting services in building construction.

PORR in Switzerland - innovative and competent.

Entry into the Swiss construction market in cooperation with the construction company Walker & Söhne AG in Altdorf UR and the establishment of Walker-Porr AG. 

Execution of various building construction and civil engineering projects.

Received first tunnelling contract, expansion of activities in civil engineering and infrastructure construction. 

PORR acquired all shares in the Altdorf construction company, and founded PORR SUISSE AG.

Establishment in civil engineering, infrastructure construction and tunnelling market sectors with participation in important NRLA trans-alpine tunnel projects.

Opening of branch office in Zurich. Execution of three initial projects as general contractor in building construction.

Intensification and continual expansion of activities as design-build contracting company in building construction.

First project as a full-service building construction company implemented in Bern, and a branch opened in the capital city.

Activities as a design-build contractor and full-service building construction company expanded to include Northwestern Switzerland. Branch opened in Basel.

First project as a full-service building construction company in Romandy.