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Committed teams secure our success.

We promote entrepreneurial thinking and action through clear regulation of responsibilities and competencies. Lean, flexible structures together with short, transparent decision-making processes are central factors for success. We set goals and support and oversee our groups of specialists and project teams in reaching them.

Together, we create our successful future. 


Hubert Seifert (CEO)

Hubert Seifert has been CEO of the entire PORR SUISSE AG since 2021. He had been managing director of PORR SUISSE AG since 2013 and was responsible for the building construction division. He completed his education in building construction and civil engineering in 1989 in the Engineering department of the Imst Technical College in Tyrol. After three years of work experience as a construction technician in reinforced concrete construction, from 1991 to 2013 he occupied management positions in the national and international construction industries, most recently as regional manager of a complete and general service contracting company in Switzerland.

Markus Oberegger (CFO)

Markus Oberegger has been CFO of PORR SUISSE AG since 2020. On completion of his studies in industrial engineering and construction at the Graz University of Technology in 2000, he began working on the public sector's side in the handling of new motorway construction projects. In parallel to this professional activity, he completed his studies of economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration in 2009 and an MBA course at the Executive Academy of the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration in 2011. He then worked in a leading position on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure in consulting and monitoring of major projects of the Austrian railway infrastructure. He joined PORR Group in 2015 as Deputy Head of Group Internal Audit.

Robert Fortunati (managing director)

Robert Fortunati has been the managing director of PORR SUISSE AG since 2002, as well as being responsible for the area of civil engineering. His professional career with the company began in 1989. He worked in the building construction and civil engineering sectors up until 2000, working at the Altdorf UR site in central Switzerland as well as the Biasca branch office in Tessin as a site agent, project and branch manager. From 2000 to 2002 he was a member of the Executive Board and achieved his master builder's qualification while working full-time. Since 2002, he has been the technical managing director of PORR SUISSE AG.