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For fair treatment of our stakeholders.

PORR Group has had group-wide issuer compliance guidelines in place for more than a decade. The guidelines, which of course also apply at PORR SUISSE AG, set out principles for the sharing of information, define measures to prevent misuse of insider information, and govern all measures designed to ensure compliance with the relevant statutory provisions and to avoid conflicts of interest. Naturally, the guidelines are regularly updated to take into account any changes in legal regulations. An internal compliance manager monitors adherence to all guidelines. 

Compliance at PORR

On the basis of our corporate ethics (PORR Code of Conduct) and corporate values (PORR Principles), the compliance organisation is tasked with implementing internal guidelines (e.g. corruption guidelines) to ensure behaviour that conforms to the law as well as adherence to the Austrian Code of Corporate Governance through the Compliance Management System (PORR CMS).

Here the cooperation between the internal audit, HR and legal departments as well as Group management is a significant factor in guaranteeing the effectiveness of the compliance organisation. Furthermore, as a listed company PORR AG upholds all of the provisions of the Stock Exchange Act and the Market Abuse Regulation (“MAR”) valid in the EU since 3 July 2016. This represents a significant part of the compliance function and organisation.

PORR has

  • A Compliance Management System (handbook)
  • Issuer Compliance Guidelines
  • Guidelines to prevent corrupt behaviour
  • a guideline on antitrust and competition law
  • Other guidelines addressing issues such as checking contracts and business partners, preventing illegal employment of foreigners and social dumping, as well preventing money laundering and financing terrorism,
  • An array of other guidelines and work instructions for purchasing, hospitality, donations, bookkeeping etc.
  • independent state-of-the-art whistleblower systems 
  • Multi-year training plans for Group employees

Compliance certificates.

In 2016/17 PORR has amended its Compliance Management System to comply with the requirements of national and international standards, namely ISO 37301 Compliance Management Systems (international standard), ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management Systems (new international standard) and ONR 192050 Compliance Management Systems (Austrian standard) and has also held certification for these ISO and ONR standards from the Austrian standards institute “AUSTRIAN STANDARDS” since November 2017. This means that PORR was the first listed Austrian construction company to conform to these high standards regarding compliance, quality and anti-corruption.

Compliance, ethical behaviour and adherence to all legal regulations are a matter of course for the PORR SUISSE AG.
In the spirit of transparency and openness, the PORR SUISSE AG therefore also has its own whistleblowing system, which is anonymous if desired. Please follow this link: