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Environmental engineering

Asbestos abatement and pollutant remediation

The fireproof properties of asbestos were highly valued 2000 years ago. But this naturally occurring silicate also has its downsides: Inhaling asbestos fibres endangers health. This is why asbestos of any kind has been banned in Switzerland since 1990. Asbestos was used in most older buildings. As long as the asbestos fibres are bound to building materials, there is no risk. It only becomes dangerous when these materials are sanded, milled or drilled. Materials contaminated with asbestos may be

  • Tile adhesive
  • Roofs, facades and windows
  • Electrical installations
  • Top and base plasters
  • Fire protection boards, riser zones and fireplaces Floor, wall and ceiling coverings

Before any conversion or renovation work is carried out, it should be clarified whether and how asbestos is used. If the findings are positive, expert help is required. We have the necessary inventory and knowledge to find the pollutants and to professionally dismantle or remediate them.

Our services

  • Building check with report
  • Pollutant reports for building permits
  • Pollutant and asbestos remediation

Analysis of harmful substances

First of all, we take a close look - where we know from experience to suspect asbestos. If we discover materials that may contain asbestos, we take samples, which we pack securely and take to the laboratory for analysis. You will receive the report within a short time, depending on your requirements: from simple reports and building checks to an expert opinion for a building application.


Asbestos/pollutant remediation

We are certified by SUVA and therefore have the license to eliminate: Using special equipment and the associated protective measures, we remove and dispose of asbestos as well as other pollutants such as PAHs or PCBs. By using negative pressure in the endangered area and special filtering systems, we guarantee that no harmful substances escape from the construction site. Before we hand the building back over, an external laboratory measures the pollutant content of the air. This enables us to ensure that there are no more fibres containing harmful substances in the building.


Your contact for Asbestos abatement and pollutant remediation

Altdorf Tobias Geiregger Head of Asbestos abatement and pollutant remediation