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Intelligent growth for sustainable success.

PORR in Switzerland focuses heavily on its core competency, construction. It is the result that is important to us, not the volume. That is how we define intelligent growth.

Switzerland is one of the PORR Group's domestic markets, and we have been able to steadily strengthen our market position in recent years. Since 2014, the areas of design-build contractor services, particularly in building construction and tunnelling, have been significantly expanded. Thanks to the teamwork of all key personnel within the Group, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of services to our customers in Switzerland, including building construction, civil engineering, infrastructure and tunnelling.

We promote entrepreneurial thinking and action by our staff members, as well as teamwork. Clearly regulated competences and responsibilities together with a lean, flexible organisation with short decision-making processes are crucial factors in our success. Moreover, we are intensively engaged with the future trends of the construction industry: digitalisation and innovation. This makes us a dynamic company with growth potential.

Digitalisation: PORR is right on the track for paperless construction sites.

Digitalisation has also come to the construction industry. At PORR we are in an advanced position as regards digitalisation and will continue to increase our market presence here.

For some years we have been intensely involved in future themes, such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), the paperless construction site and the new world of work. The reason is obvious: With new technologies, we can realise building projects faster, more cost-efficiently, and above all, more transparently.

Future programme PORR 2025.

With the future programme PORR 2025, PORR is also continuing to focus on the strengths of the Group and optimising the efficiency of the organisation. Management structures are being streamlined, the business model sharpened and the portfolio selectively adjusted. 

"The future programme PORR 2025 is the largest transformation programme in the history of PORR," says Karl-Heinz Strauss, CEO of PORR.

We are committed to know-how transfer.

Innovation involves exploiting the full potential from a range of different perspectives. This is why PORR works closely with partners from the worlds of science and research on all of its home markets. Here we focus on long-term cooperation. Most often we are involved in multiyear projects for developing complex, technical processes in civil and structural engineering as well as for conserving resources.

Innovation permeates everything we do.

Innovations make a difference. They create competitive advantages. At PORR innovation has played a central role since its beginning: As early as at the beginning of the 20th century inventions by the civil engineer and the man who gave his name to our Group, Arthur Porr, have led to decisive breakthroughs in concrete design.

Today the innovation idea is all-pervasive in PORR and is a daily driving force: Every PORR employee is responsible for innovations. Their new ideas and creative concepts make PORR fit for the future. For this we have created a central contact point within PORR: The Department "Technology Management and Innovation". It offers our employees consultation and support in the operational sectors.

The digital construction site: where design becomes reality.

With us at PORR we follow BIM not only three-dimensionally. We have meanwhile arrived at the 5D planning system: With the fourth dimension we include the time aspect, with the fifth dimension the costs. This brings about cost savings, fault minimisation, shorter decision-making phases and an improved flow of information. All participants in the project profit from this: Our customers, our partners - and of course we ourselves.

As we can see, investing in the future today really pays off.