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Foundation engineering

Personal commitment for your construction project.

PORR SUISSE AG, Rebstein branch, is a reliable partner for your construction project in Eastern Switzerland and Liechtenstein. With passion, a high level of expertise and many years of experience, we ensure the success of a wide range of construction projects.

Pile foundations, subsoil soundings and vibration measurements are our core competencies.

Pile foundations

Not all soils are equally suitable for the construction of buildings. If the upper soil layers do not have sufficient load-bearing capacity, these can be bridged by using pile foundations. Therefore the building loads can be transferred to deeper, load-bearing layers with the help of piles, also known as pilots.

Depending on the soil conditions and the size of the pile loads to be transferred, our experts determine the cross-section, length and material of the piles. We primarily use reinforced concrete driven piles and timber driven piles.

Subsoil soundings

Ground investigations provide information on the bearing capacity and constitution of the subsoil. When planning projects of various sizes, we use test pits to create real planning certainty which will aid in preventing unforeseen challenges later on.

With dynamic probing, we offer a fast and cost-effective method of exploring the subsoil. A rod is driven into the ground with a predetermined amount of energy and the number of blows for the required penetration depth is recorded. This allows us to draw conclusions about the bearing density and consistency of the subsoil.

Vibration measurements

Construction measures such as pile driving, soil compaction or demolition work often lead to vibrations, as do traffic loads, blasting or the use of large industrial machines. These vibrations can be a massive burden for people, potentially endangered buildings or even nearby laboratory or IT facilities.

Our vibration measurements and monitoring based on the Swiss standard SN 640 312a show whether and to what extent people or buildings are affected by vibrations. We use state-of-the-art geophones and vibration measuring devices for this purpose.

Your contact for foundation engineering in Eastern Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

Technical Management Christoph Pirschner