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Zurich airport - Echo North 1 Stands

Facts and Figures
Company PORR SUISSE AG in consortium
Principal Airport Zurich AG
Location Kloten - Switzerland
Type Airport construction
Runtime 03.2013 - 11.2014

New parking spaces for jets.

As a result of their fleet expansion, Swiss increased the need for additional aircraft parking spaces at Zurich airport, and PORR was contracted to meet this challenging demand. Construction sites at airports are always something special. With this construction scheme, however, the quantities of materials, whether used or cleared away, were remarkable in themselves. 

Demolition, earthworks

Demolition of tarmac surfaces: 7,400m2

Demolition of cement stabilisation: 11,500m3

Excavation: 72,500m3

Foundations and roadbed

Cement stabilisation: 42,500m3

Bitumen surfacing: 5,700t

Concrete surfacing: 17,500m3

Ducting and service pipes

Trench excavation: 8,200m3

Polypropylene piping NW 160-450: 2,000m

Inspection shafts: 40

Sludge collectors: 5

Polymer concrete drainage channeling: 1,200m

Polyethylene cable conduit NW 120-150: 20,000m

Cable draw chambers: 45 

Water pipes: 480m