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Gangloff Areal

Visualisation: a three-part building with red clinker brick imitation, in front of it the Europaplatz with some people
Facts and Figures
PrincipalGangloff Immobilien AG
LocationBern - Switzerland
Type Residential construction
Runtime06.2020 - 08.2022
Architect/PlannerGWJ Architektur AG, Bern

Former industrial area becomes a residential and business quarter.

On the former Gangloff industrial site in Bern, three interconnected building sections are being created:

  • Tower in the west with eight floors
  • Bar in the north with seven floors
  • Angled building in the south and east with four floors

The ground floor offers around 2,500 m² of commercial space. The public-oriented sales and service uses will serve the needs of the surrounding neighbourhood.

The upper floors will provide high-quality living space with 178 apartments and 2 studios. The studios, 2.5- and 3.5-room apartments, are based on an open floor plan design according to the "principle of living through". The basement floors are equipped with bicycle shelters and car parking spaces.

The building will be certified according to the Minergie standard.