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Press release

PORR hands over four residential buildings on Kleeweidstrasse in Zurich

Zurich, 19.10.2021 – Within 2 years, PORR SUISSE AG has built an ensemble of four apartment buildings with a total of 129 flats on Kleeweidstrasse. In October, the surrounding works were fully completed. The four houses were successfully handed over to the client, the Zurich Investment Foundation, in stages in mid-May, the end of July and the weling upend of August.

The houses are surrounded by young greenery.


Hubert Seifert, CEO of PORR SUISSE, underlines the uniqueness of the project: " The groundwater welling out in the construction pit was a particular challenge that was successfully mastered thanks to the successful cooperation of all those involved in the construction. We are very pleased that we have now completed the project to the full satisfaction of the client."

The high demand for housing in Zurich determines the approach to densify the urban space. PORR was able to meet the urban development goal of densifying the city‘s structure and to upvalue the residential district due to the new buildings. A total of 129 flats were built on the hillside property. Previously, only 70 flats were available on this property. Despite the densification of the housing area, contemporary floor plans and the creation of views towards the valley and the city centre ensure the highest quality of life. In addition, the project is of high quality in terms of sustainability, as it is fully certified according to the current LEED Gold Standard.

PORR used a special technical feature to solve the local geological conditions. The buildings are founded on a 40 cm thick rubble box to collect and drain the spring-like groundwater. The bottom slabs of the houses rest fully on the rubble box and transfer the load. Moreover, in this geological situation, a pile foundation could be omitted.

The project

In the four 4 to 5-storey tall residential buildings, a total of 129 flats have been created on a floor area of 20.800m². The four residential buildings form a settlement parallel to the hillside, which opens up to the wooded course of the Hüslibach stream in the south.

Four rows of buildings of different lengths, parallel to the slope, fit into the settlement structure with an extending and receding façade structure. Between the houses, a generous outdoor space with a semi-public character is created, which expands into the green space to the south.

The architecture operates with a deliberate visual separation of the attic floors from the standard floors, whereby the houses fit optimally into the existing small-scale environment. A prominent edge of the roof further emphasises this separation. On the attic level, the setback of the attic floor generates generous balconies and a particularly high quality of living.

The main structures were given an earth-coloured, highly textured scratch plaster finish, while the attics are smooth and clad in white.


Facts and figures at a glance

Scope of services:

Building construction . Residential Construction


Zurich Investment Foundation



Project duration:

25 months

Type of project:

Construction of four apartment buildings with 129 flats, a common room and two underground garages (82 underground parking spaces, 402 bicycle parking spaces and 10 motorbike parking spaces)



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