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Alptransit Gotthard Nord – Rynächt trail Los 012

Facts and Figures
Company PORR SUISSE AG in consortium
Principal AlpTransit Gotthard AG (ATG)
Location Erstfeld - Switzerland
Type Rail construction
Runtime 08.2007 - 04.2014

Superlative railway track.

The central element of the new trans-alpine railway project (NRLA) is the Gotthard base tunnel. PORR had already been heavily involved in the construction of the stretch of railway in the area of the “northern open stretch”. The consortium needed enormous quantities of materials for the track on the north end:

  • Filling: 4.5 million tonnes
  • DN 80 to 200 cable conduit: 30,000m
  • DN 300 to 1,200 drainage pipe: 12,500m
  • Concrete for engineering construction: 4,000m³
  • Bitumen: 22,000 tonnes

In addition, numerous trenches, shafts, stoneworks etc. had to be constructed. After a seven-year construction period, works were finally completed at the end of September 2014.