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Intelligent construction means embracing responsibility.

As an international construction company, we are building residential facilities and workspaces for future generations—by people, for people. Sustainable construction is an important element of our social responsibility and the foundation of all our activities. Appreciation, value retention and value creation: these are our three pillars of CSR at PORR.

Sustainability Report 2018
We PORRiansmake ourselves strong for economics, social and environment
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Recognising value.

PORR's success in Switzerland is in large part due to our more than 270 staff members. PORR SUISSE AG operates as a fair and cooperative employer according to principles of trust and respect.

Preserving value.

The responsible handling of ecological resources is the second pillar of PORR's CSR. The company is actively committed to environmental protection. The environmentally-friendly execution of each individual construction scheme is a must and has the highest priority for us. 

Adding value.

Value-adding is the goal of every operational activity within the PORR Group. In Switzerland as well, mandatory values and mindsets form the basis of value-adding and, therefore, commercial success. Therefore, we keep in mind the long-term increasing of the company's value. This strategy underlies the sustainable success PORR has enjoyed over 150 years.