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Working at PORR

Six reasons to choose PORR as your employer.

Entrepreneurship Because we reward performance and encourage entrepreneurial thinking.
Passion for innovation Because forward-looking ideas from bright sparks become a reality with us.
Internationality Because we work in fascinating markets, with people from more than 70 countries.
Team strength Because the potential of every individual only really blossoms in a team environment, when we stand together.
Recognising value Because our PORRians always come first and we take care of them.
Trustworthiness Because we keep our word.

The new world of employment

Working at PORR is different. We are a dynamic and innovative company. We see multicultural diversity as a great opportunity and an important part of our company culture. All our activities take place in an atmosphere of equal rights and mutual esteem. We regard every individual staff member as an important agent of our collective success. 

What can you expect at PORR?

New world of employment.

Our offices and workplaces are designed according to the latest research to create the best possible conditions for the working day. The new world of employment brings with it numerous improvements with regard to transparency, communication and efficiency—for each individual PORRian, but also for the whole team.

Opportunities for further education.

Goal-oriented training and further education opportunities will support you on your individual career path and in your self-development.

Health and safety.

The safety and health of our staff members remains our highest priority at PORR. We have introduced numerous programmes aimed at creating a safe working environment on all construction sites and reducing accidents.